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Il Casino dell'Aurora Pallavicini




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any of the artistic and historical treasures that adorn the rooms of the Casino are also an ideal background for various types of events: congress, institutional and cultural; in fact this is a museum that can take set-ups and catering services for many kinds of occasion such as coffee breaks, aperitifs, brunches, working lunches, cocktails, gala and buffet dinners, concerts and exhibitions.


The three halls of the pavilion can be organized to accommodate between 170 and 280 people for cocktails, stand-up buffets and seated dinners and 120/250 people for meetings and conferences.


The square in front the pavilion can accommodate 100 people seated, while accommodation in the garden ranges from 500 people seated to 800 standing.

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Holding Immobiliare Pallavicini S.p.A. - Via XXIV Maggio, 43 - 00187 Roma