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'L'Aurora' di Guido Reni, 1613-1614




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he heritage that the Casino dell'Aurora has been guarding for centuries in the heart of baroque Rome is a precious homage to art and history.
Just as in ancient times, the Casino is also a landmark for the cultural life of the modern city and for a select and often international clientele attracted by the fascination of the place and its architecture unchanged by time.

The art collection of the Casino is made up of works ranging from the 2nd and 3rd century A.D. Roman marble sarcophagi, inserted in the façade, to the precious frescoes of the 15th and 17th centuries, including Reni's "Aurora", from which the Casino takes its name, Bril's "the Four Seasons" and Tempesta's "The Triumphs".

But its artistic and cultural value is also expressed through the presence of marble statues and busts, exceptional for their beauty and state of preservation, such as, for instance, the statue of "Artemis the Huntress", the most complete of those known from the Hellenistic period, the Rospigliosi Athena or the big entrance staircase to the Casino, known as the "Scala della Pastorella".

Lastly, the presence of the valuable "Quadreria" collection further enriches an exclusive environment that bears witness to history and culture by passing through all the classical arts. Among the many works housed in the rooms of the Casino there are also paintings by Reni and Luca Giordano.

Giovanni Vasanzio, Paolo Bril, Guido Reni, Antonio Tempesta, Cherubino Alberti, Timotheos, il Passignano, Giovanni Baglione: these are just some of the names that have contributed to making the Casino dell'Aurora an exclusive and precious place because of its cultural, historic and artistic impact.

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